Kurse und Vorträge

I am offering courses with different focal points. I would be pleased to make you an individual offer for a seminar on your premises.

Possible course contents:

  • Dressage course (incl. theory, 6-8 participants)
  • Training of rider’s seat with the Alexander Technique (incl. theory, 6-12 participants)
  • Dressage- and rider’s seat-courses, combination possible (incl. theory, 6-8 participants)
  • Course hand-/ground work (incl. theory, 6-8 participants)

Theory lectures are also possible on-site at your stable.

Examples of proposed topics:

  • What is the Alexander Technique?
  • How can I apply the Alexander Technique to riding?
  • What does the »Légèreté«-training plan look like?
  • What is meant by the natural inclination of the horse?