„The horse is your mirror. He never flatters you. He reflects your temperament. He also reflects your ups and downs. Don’t ever be angry with your horse: you might as well be angry with your mirror.“

Rudolph G. Binding

I teach horses and riders according to the principles of the NHS and the Classical Horsemanship.

The basis for a successful cooperation of horse and human is our willingness to engage ourselves with the nature of the horse and to take its perspective – the perspective of a flight animal that perceives us as a predator.


If we want to get in touch with horses, our initial task is to find a form of communication that can be understood by a horse with its specific way of thinking. Within this process we will learn to attune to the horse’s mindset more and more, while at the same time the horse will realise that there is nothing to fear and that it can trust us.

The result is a true partnership of human and horse – a partnership which will need no coercive instruments and that can reach objectives thought unattainable before.