Reiten mit der F.M. Alexander-Technik

The rider’s seat is of particular importance – it is the link between horse and human. Only on the basis of a relaxed and independent seat, the rider is enabled to give conscious, finely tuned and coordinated aids. 

The Alexander Technique allows us to drop unfavourable movement patterns and to regain a natural use of the body. Thus, light and fluent movements, an effortless upright posture and an improved use of the body will be acquired in everyday life and also on horseback. 

The training of the rider’s seat with the Alexander Technique aims to improve the movement coordination in such a way that a smooth rider’s seat and a better connection of rider and horse will be obtained. 

Riding with the Alexander Technique is suited for riders of all disciplines, beginners, returnees, riding instructors and riders who ride with pain or muscular tensions or want to improve their seat or the giving of aids, respectively.


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